Tech Cheetah started as passion project of  Zhenni Liang, driven by her fascination for the African tech ecosystem. In August 2020, she started to engage with and interview local founders and community builders in Africa. Despite a brief hiatus necessitated by other professional commitments, she re-started the project in August 2023.

Today, Tech Cheetah aims to build a community where innovation meets sustainability in the Global South. We believe that caring about climate change in the Global South is not only a matter of ethical responsibility but also essential for securing a stable, prosperous, and sustainable world for current and future generations.

What are the goals?

🌍🌱 Explore Green Frontiers: Venture into a realm where technology and sustainability converge. Discover solutions that redefine progress and champion a greener future.

🎙️🌏 Amplify Voices: The platform remains committed to storytelling, weaving narratives of Climate Tech champions shaping the Global South. Their journeys inspire collective action for positive change.

🌐🚀 Ignite Connections: Entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers unite here. Whether you're shaping policy, fueling investment, or pioneering the next big thing, our platform fosters connections that matter.